Code Enforcement Request - Elgin Police Department

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Code Enforcement 847-931-5920; Vince Cuchetto 847-931-5629

PLEASE PROVIDE EXACT LOCATION OF THE PROPERTY IN VIOLATION. If the property is a vacant lot, provide the block number or the direction from a known address. For example, “The vacant lot on the northeast corner of Oak and Elm Streets.”

PLEASE PROVIDE EXACT DESCRIPTION OF THE VIOLATION. For example, “Inoperable vehicle in the driveway;” “Junk stored on the front porch;” “Weeds over 8 inches tall;” “Overcrowding in Apartment #3;” “Basement occupancy;” “Broken windows on the south side of the house.”

If there are any questions regarding specific locations please refer them to David Koski at 847-931-5944.

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