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  1. The Centre Customer Service Survey

    Tell us how we're doing. Your feedback is important to us.

Fire Department

  1. Adult Services Contact Form

    If you go on a call where you feel the patient would benefit from contact by Adult Services, please complete this form. If additional... More…

  2. Award Nomination Form

    This form is to be used for submitting award nominations for civilian and fire service personnel.

  3. City of Elgin Smoke Detector Installation Request Form
  4. Communications Issues Related to the Fire Department
  5. Duty Jacket Order Form

    Duty Jacket Order Form

  6. Fire Gear Repair / Request Form

    Use this form to request replacement or repair of suppression clothing and equipment. This includes turnout gear, gloves, flashlights... More…

  7. FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY - Employee Contact Form

    This form is to be used only for training purposes in the acting officer programs.

  8. Late Overtime Submission

    This form is to be used to submit an overtime request for overtime that was not submitted during the proper payroll period.

  9. MABAS Division 2 Holiday Luncheon Registration
  10. Monthly Officer Meeting Item Request Form
  11. Nursing Home Daily Pre-Screen
  12. Probationary Employee Contact Form

    This form is to provide for quick yet accurate documentation of a probationary employee's actions. These may include the recognition of... More…

  13. Scheduling Issues Form
  14. Technology Issues

    Please complete this form if you are having any issues related to software or hardware not working. This includes CAD, RA, RMS, rig... More…

  15. Turnout Time Discrepancy Form

    The purpose of this form is to provide a detailed explanation when a unit does not meet the Department's turnout time standard.

  1. Alarm Permit Application
  2. Chief Presentation
  3. Communications / Dispatch Issues / EVP / Radios

    This form is to capture issues related to Communications and Dispatch. If your issue is not identified on this form please make... More…

  4. CPR Group Registration Form
  5. Employee Contact Form

    This form is designed to provide for quick yet accurate documentation of an employee's actions. This includes the recognition of... More…

  6. Fire Prevention Bureau Notification Form
  7. Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Board Request Form
  8. Lock Box Order Form

    Order form for residential and commercial lock boxes

  9. Meth - What Should You Know
  10. Mutual / Auto Aid Issues Form
  11. Out of Service Hose Form
  12. Public Education Event Request Form

    This form is to be completed for any type of public education request for the City of Elgin Fire Department.

  13. Station Maintenance / Issues Reporting Form

    This form is to be used to document all station related issues except for technology-related items. If the issue is a technology... More…

  14. Training Details Form
  15. Vehicle Equipment Request or Repair Form

    This form is to be utilized to request new or replacement equipment or to request repairs to equipment for all vehicles. EMS specific... More…

General Forms

  1. Recognition Awards Nomination Form
  2. Sustainability Honor Roll nomination form

    The Elgin Sustainability Commission presents its Sustainability Honor Roll award twice a year to individuals, businesses,... More…

  1. Request for Dementia Awareness Training for Business

    How can your business or organization become certified as Dementia Friendly? Complete this form and our committee will get in touch to... More…

Special Events and Cultural Arts

  1. Artist Database

    This database will consist of artists all over the world who are both qualified to and interested in working on public art projects. ... More…

  1. Volunteer Application

    Sign-up to volunteer in one of the many special events hosted by the City of Elgin!

Sustainability Commission

  1. Receive Sustainability Commission Updates

    A form to collect email addresses from interested residents, businesses, individuals, to drive outreach efforts.

  2. Sustainable Elgin Community Grant Program Final Project and Financial Report
  1. Sustainable Elgin Community Grant Application

    PLEASE NOTE: All applications must be submitted through the electronic form found at to ensure they... More…