What information should be provided in a police emergency?

In the event you need the emergency services of the Elgin police or fire department and you live within the city of Elgin, call 911. If you live outside of the city limits, call 847-289-2700. When you dial 911 for emergency assistance, the dispatcher will answer the phone and ask you questions about the emergency. They are: your name, the address of the emergency, the telephone number you are calling from, a brief description of the emergency such as "an intruder is in my house," or "there is an accident at the intersection of ADDRESS and ADDRESS." Emergency dispatchers agree that remaining calm is the most important thing you can do to help them help you. The telecommunicator will, many times, continue to question you after the appropriate police, fire, EMS units are dispatched. In emergency medical situations, the telecommunicators are trained to provide you with emergency medical information which may be used prior to paramedics arrivial. The questioning does not slow down the emergency response. The telecommunicators ask these questions to help them accurately evaluate your specific situation, ensuring the correct type of equipment and number of personnel are assigned. Any information which may affect officers or firefighter safety is also broadcasted to the responding units. For additional information about Emergency Communications, please stop by the Elgin Police Department located at 151 Douglas Ave, Elgin, between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Monday -Friday or you may call 847-289-2770.

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