Does Elgin charge for false alarm responses?
Elgin police officers are frequently dispatched to false burglar alarm activations. Too many false burglar alarm calls create problems for the department and the alarm user. False burglar alarms interfere with a police officer’s ability to respond to an actual emergency. These types of calls are costly to the city and the alarm user. Your burglar alarm system will appear unreliable if you have too many false burglar alarms. To decrease the number of false burglar alarm activations, the city of Elgin created a False Alarm Reduction Program, which is governed by city ordinance. Alarm users will incur fines for too many false burglar alarms, which are billed by the Elgin Police Department. Each year, every alarm user is allowed four (4) free false burglar alarms. A fine in the amount of one hundred ($100.00) dollars will be imposed on false alarms 5-8. The 9-10th false alarm incurs a fine of two hundred ($200.00) dollars. More than 10 false alarm activations in a calendar year incur a fine in the amount of three hundred ($300.00) dollars. If you do not believe you had a chargeable false burglar alarm, you may contact the Alarm Administrator at (847) 289-2749 or you may send your written correspondence to the Elgin Police Department, Attention Alarm Administrator, 151 Douglas Avenue, Elgin, Illinois 60120. False Alarm Program Information

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