What is the Citizen's Police Academy?
The Citizen’s Police Academy is a community program designed to enhance and promote citizen understanding and awareness of the Elgin Police Department and its role in the community. The 24 hour course includes an introduction to the police facility and equipment, the criminal justice system, crime scene investigations, police weapons training, the use of force continuum, traffic stops, drug and DUI enforcement, the surveillance team, investigation, and ride-alongs with a police officer. Citizens who have attended the program in the past say that participation in the program has given them a greater understanding and appreciation of the difficulty a police officer encounters in his daily tasks. This unique program does not induct citizens into the police force; rather, the objective of the course is to provide citizens with a general knowledge of the Elgin Police function. Participants must be at least 18 years old and cannot have a criminal history. Citizens meeting this criteria can register to participate in the program which is held twice annually during the spring and fall. For more information, or to register for the Citizen’s Police Academy, contact the Elgin Police Department Community Relations Division at 151 Douglas Avenue, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, or call them at 847-289-2530. Citizen's Police Academy

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5. What is the Citizen's Police Academy?
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