Can I rent the pool for a private party?

Due to ongoing negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, service level reductions remain in place, including the closure of Lord's Park Family Aquatic Center for the 2021 outdoor pool season. Patrons are encouraged to utilize Wing Park Family Aquatic Center or Adventure Island at the Edward Schock Centre of Elgin.

Yes, Wing Park Family Aquatic Center is available for rental on a first come, first served basis. Private rentals are perfect for any occasion including birthday parties, group outings, and end of the school year parties. Available times vary depending on the day of your rental. Reservations and payments must be made at The Centre of Elgin at 100 Symphony Way during normal business hours. Reservations will need to be secured at least 72 hours in advance. For more information on availability and hours, contact The Centre of Elgin at 847-531-7030. 

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