Where can I find information on parks in Elgin?
The City of Elgin is proud to have 74 different parks, ranging in size from over 200 acres to less than a quarter acre. These parks include many amenities such as, athletic fields, picnic shelters, playgrounds, aquatic parks, skating parks, a band shell, basketball and tennis courts, a BMX track, a zoo, fishing areas, and natural areas. The city's park system also boasts a number of specialty parks including three quality golf courses, a sports complex, a nature center, an island in the Fox River, and nature preserves.

The major parks in Elgin are:
Lords Park, 325 Hiawatha Drive; Lords Park Pavilion, 100 Oakwood Blvd.
Trout Park, 580 Trout Park Blvd.
Wing Park, 1020 Wing Street

For more information on these or any other Elgin parks please visit the City of Elgin parks website or call 847-931-6123.Elgin Parks website

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