How do I get my CPAT test card?

CPAT cards can be obtained from NIPSTA (Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy), SUFD (Southwest United Fire District), The City of Naperville, MABAS 24 (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Division 24) and CIFCA (Central Illinois Fire Chiefs Association).

Contact each vendor directly for more information on the CPAT testing they may offer:

Naperville -
MABAS 24 -

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1. How often is the test?
2. How I do find out if Elgin is testing?
3. What's the process from beginning to end?
4. What kind of test does Elgin use?
5. What does it cost to take the test?
6. Are there study materials?
7. How do I get my CPAT test card?
8. What kind of background check does Elgin perform?
9. Do I need to have an EMT- Basic Certification and a EMT – Paramedic certification?
10. What preference points are there?
11. How long is the list good for?
12. What's life like in the Fire Station?