How do I get my POWER test card?

The City of Elgin does not accept the POWER Test card, but administers the POWER Test at the time of the written test.  This process does not give the candidate a POWER Test card, but allows the candidate to use the result of the test in lieu of presenting a POWER Test card. The specific dates and times for this option are limited and times for this option can be found on the posting.

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1. How often is the test?
2. How I do find out that Elgin is testing?
3. What's the process from beginning to end?
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6. Are there study materials?
7. How do I get my POWER test card?
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9. Are there any preference points?
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11. Does the City of Elgin allow lateral transfers from other departments?
12. What if I’ve been a police officer and I’m over 35?