Street Sweeping Commonly Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose for street sweeping?

Street sweeping in Elgin each year prevents pollutants and nearly 2,000 tons of solids from washing into the city’s storm drains and local waterways.

Since the City sweeps the streets at least twice per month, can’t I simply rake debris into the street for pickup?

No. Unless otherwise specified, such as during the city’s Fall Leaf Collection Program, City Ordinance strictly prohibits raking or placing debris in the street. Violators could be subject to fines and other related costs.

It seems like the street sweeper never comes to my neighborhood. What could be the problem?

The City makes every attempt to sweep residential streets at least twice per month. However, street sweeping operations are severely hindered in areas with heavy on-street parking and other obstacles located in the public right-of-way. The city does not sweep private streets or unimproved streets (i.e., streets without curbs and gutters).