Street Name Changes


In April 1984 (the last city-wide address change), the following street name changes occurred:

  • Hill Street, Edward Street, and Ashton Avenue became Hill Avenue.
  • Arbor Street and Preston Avenue became Preston Avenue.
  • James Street, William Street, and Illinois Street became Illinois Avenue.
  • Cleveland Avenue became Buckeye Street.
  • Race Street became Water Street.
  • Summit Street to Willow Street became Summit Sreet.
  • Division Street and Pearl Street became Division Street.
  • Bridge Street became West Chicago Street.
  • Alexander became River Bluff.
  • Broadway Street became North State Street.
  • Dexter Street became National Street.
  • Ettner Avenue became North Porter Street.
  • Galena Road became West Highland Avenue.
  • Grove became Lynch.
  • Lemonade became Wilcox.
  • Main Street became State Street.
  • Mill became Douglas Avenue.
  • Milwaukee became East Highland Avenue.
  • North Division became Jefferson.
  • Pinacle became Franklin.
  • Railway Avenue became Wellington Avenue.
  • Summit Street became State Street.