What Is Grasscycling or Mulching?


Grasscycling refers to the practice of leaving your grass clippings on your lawn after mowing instead of bagging. In other words, you are recycling your grass! This also works well with leaves.

Instead of raking, simply mow over your leaves with a mulching mower to mulch your leaves into your lawn.

Mulching Leaves

Why Grasscycle or Mulch?

The benefits of grasscycling and mulching are similar to those associated with composting. Grasscycling reduces waste while returning valuable nutrients to your yard without adding fertilizer and reduces the need for added pesticides.

Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that grasscycling does not cause thatch. Grasscyling works best when the grass is cut before it gets too long, about once every five to seven days during the peak growth.

City crews routinely mulch leaves and grass at city parks, Bluff City Cemetery, and other municipal properties with great success!