Condos & Townhomes

Collection Services for Condominiums & Townhomes

The services provided to condominiums and townhomes are essentially the same as those provided to single-family homes with the exception of seasonal yard waste and brush collection services which are provided through the homeowners association. Note: Christmas tree collection services are provided.

Most condominium and townhome properties serviced under the City of Elgin’s program receive curbside collection services. Properties receiving curbside service should refer to the information listed on the solid waste and recycling homepage for specific guidelines.

Centralized Collection Services

Some properties have permanent, on-site containers and receive centralized collection services. Residents may recycle the same items accepted in the curbside collection program using the blue wheeled carts marked for recycling.

Trash bags and smaller garbage items should be placed inside of the garbage dumpster(s). Bulky items such as furniture and large appliances should be placed next to the dumpster with the appropriate prepaid sticker for collection.