Bagging Areas

Designated Bagging Areas

Certain areas of the city have been designated as "leaf bagging areas". View the map of the designated bagging areas.

Residents in designated bagging areas are required to bag their leaves in paper yard waste bags for collection. Waste Management will collect the bagged leaves on your regular weekly trash collection day beginning October 1 through November 30. Prepaid refuse stickers are not required on bagged yard waste during this designated period. The following guidelines should be followed when placing leaves out for collection:

Bagged Leaf Collection Guidelines

  • Do not mix trash, branches, grass clippings or other materials in with your leaf bags.
  • Do not rake leaves into the street.
  • Leaves must be placed in biodegradable Kraft paper bags (maximum 33 gallons and 45 pounds) for collection. Yard waste and leaves placed in plastic bags will not be collected.