Meter Information

Meter Spreads

Meter Size (Inches)5/83/411.52346
Lay Length (Inches)12.514.2516.2513*17*17*24**24**

*Indicates lay length for flanged version of this meter

**A bypass line is required for all meters 3 inch or larger

Lay lengths of 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch include meter couplings. These meters are typically installed by the Water Meter Shop. Lay lengths for the 1.5 inch through 6 inch meters are from flange to flange.

Fire Hydrant Use

For temporary water usage for special events, or similar activities, please review and fill out these necessary forms:

  • Water Station (for special events, call 847-931-6162 or email here)

picture of water station in a park hooked up to a fire hydrant