Water Bill Auto Pay

The City of Elgin currently offers residents two ways to enroll in water bill auto pay. Auto pay allows your City of Elgin water bill to be automatically paid from your bank account or credit card each month.

It may take up to two billing cycles for the auto-payment to be active. Once active, your bill will include a note that it is automatically paid on the payment stub.

Online Enrollment

To enroll in automatic water bill payments online, please click here or visit https://portal.cityofelgin.org. You will be prompted to sign in or create an account. Once you sign in, you can enroll in auto pay (on the left side menu) by using your credit card or bank account. 

Automatic Bank Withdrawal (ACH - Direct Debit) Enrollment

Enroll by filling out a Utility Payment Authorization Agreement, attaching a voided check to the completed form, and submitting it to:

City of Elgin
Finance Department
150 Dexter Ct.
Elgin, IL 60120

Simply tell us which bank, savings and loan, or credit union checking account you would like to use to pay your utility bill. The rest is automatic. You will receive your bill as usual.


If you have questions about the bill, call 311 at least three days before the due date. If your bill is correct, there is no need to call. The bill is paid automatically and will appear on your next bank or credit card account statement.


The City of Elgin's automatic water bill payment option allows you to:

  • Save the hassle and cost of addressing and mailing an envelope.
  • Make sure your water bill payment gets paid by the due date.
  • Conveniently pay your water bill whether you are home or away.