Contesting Violations

To Contest in Person Before a Hearing Officer

Check the request a hearing box on the violation notice and print your name, address, and daytime phone number on a sheet of paper within 21 days of the violation notice.

Place the document containing your name, address, and daytime phone number, along with the violation notice into an envelope and affix proper postage before mailing. A postcard with your hearing date will be mailed to you.

To Contest by Mail

 Check the contest by mail box within 21 days of the issuance of the violation. Send the violation along with a signed statement including your name, address, and daytime phone number. The statement should set forth facts that establish defense under one of the seven grounds listed under Chapter 11.62 of the Elgin Municipal Code.

The seven grounds include:

  • The person issued the violation notice was not the owner or lessee of the cited vehicle at the time of the violation.
  • The cited vehicle or its state registration plates were stolen at the time the violation occurred.
  • The relevant signs prohibiting or restricting parking were missing or obscured.
  • The relevant parking meter was inoperable or malfunctioned through no fault of the person issued the violation notice.
  • The facts alleged in the violation notice are inconsistent or do not support a finding that the specified regulation was violated.
  • The illegal condition described in the compliance violation did not exist at the time the notice was issued.
  • The compliance violation has been corrected prior to the adjudication of the charge, provided that this defense shall not be applicable to compliance violations, including:
    • Motor vehicles exhaust systems under Section 12-602 of Chapter 11.52 of the Elgin Municipal Code
    • To compliance violation related to glass coverings or coatings under Section 12-503 of Chapter 11.52 of the Elgin Municipal Code
    • To compliance violations relating to vehicle size, weight, and load limits under Sections 15-100, inclusive of Chapter 11.52 of the Elgin Municipal Cod
    • To violations relating to designated truck routes under Section 11.40.085 of Chapter 11.40 of the Elgin Municipal Code

Supporting Materials

 You should also enclose copies of any documents (i.e., photos, a police report, or vehicle's registration card) necessary to show that you are not liable. Include the violation notice number on all supporting documents. Do not send originals, they will be returned. Your signed statement and any supporting materials may be mailed in this or another envelope. A decision will be mailed to you.