Register A Code Complaint

To register a code complaint, residents can submit a complaint to the Code Compliance Division by calling 311 (847-931-6001 if outside of Elgin), by email, or by submitting a request on the Elgin 311 mobile app.

Anonymous Complaints

Residents are asked to leave accurate contact information so a member of Elgin's Code Compliance staff may follow up for more information.

How Complaints are Handled

Standard Procedure

  • Once a complaint is received it is issued a case number and given to the Code Compliance Officer.
  • The Code Compliance Officer will conduct an inspection of the property to verify the violation.
  • If the Code Compliance Officer finds violations, a notice with a date for compliance will be issued.
  • The Code Compliance Officer will conduct a follow-up inspection to determine compliance.
  • If the inspector has determined that compliance has been obtained, the case will be closed.
  • If the violation is not corrected, the Code Compliance Officer may issue citations each day the violations continues until compliance.

View the procedures for the following violations:

What if I Receive a Code Violation Notice?

If you have received a notice from a Code Compliance Officer stating that your home or property is violating a city code, review the code enforcement process to determine your options for correcting those code violations.

Code violations will be issued a notice describing the offense and a reasonable compliance date depending on the violation(s).

Time Extension

If you need more time to make the necessary repairs to your home or property, fill out a time extension request form and return it to your Code Compliance Officer. Citations may be contested by mail or in court.

Additional Information