Plan Review


If you have submitted all of the required information, some permits will be issued immediately to the applicant. For other projects, the application and plan must be reviewed by the Plan Examiner, Zoning Officer, or Engineering Division. This process usually takes 10 working days, and the staff will notify you when the permit is ready for issuance.

Permit Issuance

When compliance with all applicable regulations is determined, the application is approved, and a building permit is issued.


You will pay a permit fee to help defray the cost of the Code Official's time spent on the application process. The fee also gives you access to the Code Official's knowledge and experience when and if you have any questions regarding your construction process.

Display the Permit
You will be given a building permit and asked to post the permit card in a window or other prominent place at the construction site. A copy of the approved building plans, if required, must be kept at the site. Any proposed changes to these plans must be approved by the Code Official or Plan Examiner.

Food Establishment Plan Review

The Public Health Division may also require the owner / operator to submit a completed Food Service Establishment Plan Review Application.

The reference guide, Food Service Construction Requirements, should be followed for the purpose of developing plans and specifications that meet applicable codes.

If a hood and duct system is required, a Ventilation Plan Review Application must also be submitted for approval.

View Food Sanitation Program for more information.