Traffic Unit

The most recognizable function of the Traffic Unit is the investigation and reconstruction of crashes involving fatalities and serious injuries. The police department is a member of the Kane County Accident Reconstruction Team (KCART), which investigates, when requested, crashes involving fatalities for other departments in Kane County that may not have dedicated traffic investigation units.

The unit also oversees the following:

  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Hit and Run Accidents
  • Overweight Trucks
  • Parking Complaints
  • School Crossing Guards
  • Selective Traffic Enforcement
  • Special Events
  • Taxi Ordinance Violations

Answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to parking and traffic issues are available. Additionally, parking ticket information is available.

  1. Jeff Adam

    Adjudication Specialist

  1. Jon Cox


  1. Paul Dublinski


  1. Brooke Rzeppa

    Parking Control Supervisor

  1. Craig Tucker


  1. Daniel Kazy-Garey


  1. Ken Jones

    Court Liaison Officer