Social Services


The Social Services Unit is comprised of professional, licensed social workers and counselors.  All services are designed to improve family relations, school, and, interpersonal relationships.  Services provided may also encompass intervention and prevention of behavioral problems that can lead to criminal activities. All services are free to residents of Elgin and may include the following:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Crisis counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Legal advocacy
  • Information and referrals to other community resources

These services address issues that may have involved a police incident or a self-referral with the goal being to assist individuals to function at their best with their families, at their place of work, or school. The Social Services Unit has helped people of all ages and backgrounds to resolve their conflicts and to obtain the necessary resources to improve their quality of life. The unit is also committed to assisting victims and witnesses of crimes. This assistance is provided by giving support to crime victims with difficulties that result from victimization.  The unit on request will provide presentations to civic groups regarding community concerns on topics related to family violence and juvenile delinquency.

Social Service Programs

Girl Talk

“Girl Talk” is an educational program for girls of all ages that strives to reduce their propensity toward violent behavior. This program can be incorporated into any school or community initiative whose goal is to reduce violence among girls. For more information about this program contact JoAnn Stingley.