326 E. Chicago St.

Gifford Park Association Meetings

7:00 pm
Third Thursday of each month
355 E Chicago St.

Officer Payne is the  Resident Officer Program of Elgin (ROPE) officer at 326 E. Chicago Street. His message to his neighborhood is as follows: 

"Some of what attracted me to this beautiful area on the east side of Elgin are the many vital pillars that uplift and enrich the community. Pillars such as churches, businesses and several schools serve as the foundation that the area thrives upon. My mission is to work directly with these pillars to create innovative ways to maintain support for the community while increasing safety for all. 

I am confident that together we can cultivate our community and watch it flourish beyond our expectations. Although my job is to serve as a liaison for the community, my goal is to motivate the residents and members within it to independently take ownership of the neighborhood. I am overjoyed to be a part of the neighborhood and look forward to the opportunity for us to grow as a community."

Officer Payne can be reached via email at payne_r@cityofelgin.org, or phone number 224-523-2944.