Senior Services

Elderly Service Officers

The Elgin Police Department has elderly service officers who are trained to assist Elgin senior citizens who have been victimized or are at risk for victimization. The officers conduct visits with victims to answer questions and to discuss prevention measures relating to a particular crime or scam. To schedule a visit with an elderly service officer, call (847) 289-2533.

Senior Lock Box Program

The safety of Elgin's senior citizens and their access to emergency assistance is important. This is why the Elgin Fire Department sponsors the “Senior Residential Lock Box Program." Find more information about this program.

Senior Citizens Police Academy

For senior citizens who would like to learn more about the police department, the Senior Citizens Police Academy provides seniors who are at least 55 years of age with the opportunity to learn about the department’s Tactical Response Team, K-9 Unit, Drug and Gang Units, and much more. The academy is free. Elgin residents are first priority for acceptance; a criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant.

Sign Up for Scam Information

Maria Borrero has an email scam alert program. Provide her with your email address and she will send scam information out daily or weekly, based on when information is obtained by the police department. Over 900 seniors subscribe to this service! Maria will also send the Senior Newsletter to subscribers, as well as TRIAD event flyers and information. Email Maria today!

Senior Education

The department offers an array of presentations for seniors. If you would like to schedule a presentation, contact Maria Borrero