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The city of Elgin is pleased to announce the launch of its new Zero-Emission Yard Equipment Rebate. This program seeks to reduce yard equipment that uses small, gas-powered engines that contribute to air pollution. Operating a new gasoline lawn mower for one hour emits the same amount of volatile organic compounds as driving a new car 45 miles.

Elgin residents who buy either an electric lawnmower, leaf blower, trimmer, edger, snow blower or manual reel lawnmower can receive a $50 rebate check for their purchase. To support local businesses, the purchase must be made in 2023 at a retail establishment located within the Elgin area to be eligible for the rebate. 

Rebates are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sixty rebates are available in 2023.

Limit one rebate per household per year.

Program Rules and Requirements

Program participants must:

  • Reside at the address listed on the application. The address on the application must be located within the city of Elgin corporate limits. 
  • Upload two documents showing proof of Elgin residency (i.e., Illinois identification card, Illinois driver's license, rental agreement, or most recent phone bill, utility bill or paystub).
  • Submit a completed W-9 form. Download form

Eligible Equipment Purchases

  • Equipment must be purchased new (not used or previously owned);
  • Equipment must be either electric, battery powered, or manually powered;
  • Equipment must have a minimum of 18 volts to be eligible (exception of manual equipment); 
  • Equipment must be purchased during the year 2023; and,
  • Purchase receipt (must be 2023) from a retail store within Elgin city boundaries that sells small, gas powered engines. Examples of retail stores that may be eligible include hardware, home improvement, equipment and discount stores. 

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