Hemmens Addition

The Hemmens is open during construction. Please use the East Side Lobby Doors near the Civic Center Plaza/Courtyard. View the updated Parking Map for drop off and entrance locations.

Currently there is no elevator access due to construction. 
Those with mobility challenges will be transported to our lower level for restrooms and exhibition hall events.

Questions? Contact our Box Office at 847-931-5900.

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Project Rendering

New Hemmens Addition


The City of Elgin is proud to announce the renovation and addition project for the Hemmens Cultural Center, a historic landmark and beloved venue for the performing arts. Designed and constructed by the esteemed Cordogan Clark & Associates, this project aims to modernize the facility while preserving its rich legacy as a premier destination for national, regional, and local performing and presenting organizations.

Originally constructed in 1969 as part of the Civic Center Plaza, the Hemmens Cultural Center has played a vital role in the cultural fabric of Elgin for over five decades. With this proposed renovation and addition, the center will undergo a transformative upgrade that will enhance its amenities and ensure its continued recognition as a preeminent facility for the performing arts.

The key features of the project include the addition of accessible restrooms on the main floor, a more visible and easily accessible box office, a covered patron drop-off area and additional storage facilities. These additions address long-standing needs and provide a more convenient and enjoyable experience for patrons and performers alike.

A notable addition to the Hemmens Cultural Center will be the new reception area with an outdoor balcony, designed in harmony with the center's iconic architecture. This addition will not only offer breathtaking views of the newly renovated Civic Center Plaza but will also provide a highly requested amenity for visitors. The reception area will serve as a welcoming space for guests to gather, relax, and appreciate the vibrant atmosphere of the cultural center.

The Hemmens Cultural Center stands as a testament to Elgin's commitment to the arts, fostering creativity, and enriching the community. It has been a platform for countless performances, exhibitions, and cultural events that have brought joy and inspiration to the residents of Elgin and beyond. With the forthcoming renovation and addition, the center will continue to serve as a beacon of artistic expression and cultural pride for generations to come.