Pesticide Free Zones

In support of the Greenest Region Compact 2 (GRC2), the City of Elgin discontinued use of pesticides on several public properties (this means dandelions and other weeds may be seen at these sites throughout the year).

The City of Elgin adopted the GRC2, which provides environmental sustainability goals for the region and helpsPesticide Free Zone-01guide and support cities in achieving their own sustainability initiatives. One of GRC2’s land goals provides an advanced strategy to “manage lawns using natural products and low-impact practices.”

Having these Pesticide Free Zones is one step toward achieving that goal here in Elgin. There are also a number of “No Mow Zones” in Elgin. Over the years, the City has also worked to reduce the number of herbicide treatments on all its public properties, while maintaining appearance and controlling costs.

The map below displays locations of Elgin's current Pesticide Free Zones. Click here or on the map below to open a PDF where you can zoom in. All Pesticide Free Zones are also marked with signs like that shown to the right.

Pesticide Free Zone MAP_citywide 22-01 Opens in new window