Daddy Daughter Dance Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code?

The dress code is whatever your child is comfortable in! Some go all-out with fancy, floor length gowns, some like to dress down a bit more. Children are welcome to dress up as their favorite princess. (Some parents like to arrive in costume, too!)

Will there be food served/what food will be served/what drinks will be available?

Your ticket purchase includes a catered meal with both adult and kid-friendly options. Drink options are a range of sodas, lemonade, and water. Due to the kid-friendly nature of the event, alcohol will not be served.

What happens at the dance/what is the dance like?

The dance is a busy and fun night! Attendees will arrive to the Edward Schock Centre of Elgin (100 Symphony Way) and check-in at the Heritage Ballroom and receive a raffle ticket. A princess will greet you as you come in. Attendees will have free range to walk around the ballroom and see the amazing, immersive decorations. Catered food and drinks will be ready about 15-30 minutes after the dance’s start time. (Drinks will be served all night). A DJ will play music all night, while a princess dances and interacts with attendees. A photobooth will be available to take pictures of attendees. Towards the end of the night, tickets will be raffled off for prizes, including the grand prize American Girl of the Year doll. When leaving, each child will get a treat from Herb’s Bakery and a goodie bag. 

Is it just for dads and daughters? Can my wife/partner/son/another adult parental figure come, too?

The adult ticket purchase is good for any one parent or parental figure (moms, uncles, aunts, foster parents, guardians, etc). Adults must purchase a ticket in order to be admitted to the dance. (One adult ticket purchase does not allow two adults in, etc) If you would like to bring another parent or parental figure, please purchase a second adult ticket. Child tickets are good for any child 17 and under.

What is the allowed age range for children?

The age range is for kids 2-17. A majority of child attendees are around the age of 2-12.

Where are the bathrooms/where can I change my child’s diaper?

Bathrooms are located in the hallway leading to Heritage Ballroom. Changing tables are available in both men’s and women’s rooms. 

When should I register?

This event historically sells out early and spots are limited. It is recommended to register as early as possible to ensure a spot. 

I have a special need, accommodation, specific question, or help with my ticket. Who can I contact?

Please email or call 847-531-7000 for further information.