Beats 102, 201, 202, 302 and 401

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Community Advisory Board Members
Margaret Williams
Francisco Villa
Jill Samuel
Shirley Sadjadi Sotomayor
Judith Rivera
Michael Rauschenberger
Jodi Perkins
Annie Nelson
Andrew Moore
Erica Lavine
Dawn Kloc
Eduardo Guerra
Amy Renwick
Gena McNamara
Dustin Good
Danielle Jacobson
Gil Feliciano
Terry Enright

Chairperson: Annie Nelson

Community Advisory Board Group 1 meetings are still in process. To date, 18 questions have been covered pertaining to the 39 submitted by the group for discussion. Topics have included, but are not limited to, crime, traffic/parking, COVID, homelessness, legalized cannabis, mental health, policies and procedures of EPD, discipline, recruiting, offender data, community policing and training.