Honorary Street Name Dedication

The Honorary Street Name Dedication Program allows residents the opportunity to honor those that have made significant contributions to the city. Once approved, the sign will be displayed for twenty years. The City Council will provide final approval for street name dedications. A complete application, sign, and installation fee of $110 and the signature of a City Council member should be submitted for consideration.


Persons or organizations proposing an honorary street name for a street located within the city shall complete and submit an application to the city clerk. An application proposing an honorary street name shall include the following:

  • The signature of a member of the city council endorsing the application and the proposed honorary street name.
  • A petition signed by not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the owners abutting the street proposed for the honorary street name stating the property owners' support for the proposed honorary street name.
  • A statement explaining how the individual proposed to be honored with an honorary street name qualifies under the guidelines and standards.

You can access the application here.


Honorary street names shall meet the following standards:

  • The individual proposed to be honored with an honorary street name must have resided or worked in Elgin during their lifetime and must have made significant and long-term contributions through cultural, humanitarian, historic or military achievement.
  • There shall be a clear geographical relationship to the street and the nominee.
  • The location for honorary street names shall be restricted to nonarterial streets.
  • The proposed honorary street name shall not duplicate any existing name or be similar either phonetically or in spelling to any other honorary or actual street name.
  • An honorary street name shall be applied throughout the entire length of the subject street, except where impractical and in such instance shall be applied to the section of a street designated in the city council resolution approving the honorary street name.
  • A designation of an honorary street name shall be limited not to exceed twenty (20) years.  At the end of the time period of the designation of an honorary street name,  the city will remove the honorary street sign and make it available to the applicant.
  • Honorary street name signs will be distinctive in size and color from the official street name sign and will be installed below the official street name sign. The applicant will be responsible for the cost of the materials and installation of the honorary street sign.