COVID-19 Impacts on City Services

The City of Elgin is committed to ensuring the delivery of core city services throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes to city operations are in line with current recommendations being provided by health agencies as the coronavirus situation evolves. 

*Information Updated 2/2/21

City Facilities

The City of Elgin continues altering its business operations to protect public health and slow the spread of coronavirus. Actions are adjusted to meet regional restrictions.

City Hall

City Hall will open to the public for in-person transactions beginning February 8, 2021. When possible, the public is encouraged to continue conducting business with the City online, over the phone (call 311 or 847-931-6001 if outside of Elgin) and by email (see details in the Virtual Services section below). Please note the following exceptions:

Parks and Recreation and Cultural Arts Facilities
The Edward Schock Centre of Elgin has adjusted its previously reduced programs and services:

  • Starting February 1, fitness center and lap pool weekday hours are changing to accommodate more members: 5:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
  • Reservations are no longer required, but the 90-minute time frame and mask usage is strictly enforced.
  • Locker rooms have reopened and group fitness classes of up to 10 people and pickleball have resumed.
  • Additional information and details can be found on the Centre's website.

Cross country ski trials are open at Bowes Creek Country Club when enough snow allows.

The Hawthorne Hill Nature Center building will reopen to the public on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. beginning February 6. Trails remain open from dawn until dusk.

The following facilities remain closed to the public until further notice:

  • Eastside Recreation Center
  • Hemmens Cultural Center
  • Elgin Art Showcase
  • Elgin Sports Complex

Water Bills 

The City is waiving late fees for non-payment of utility bills. Staff will continue issuing notices of delinquency, but late fees will be waived and payment plans arranged for those experiencing economic hardships during this time. For any questions regarding your water bill or arranging a payment plan, please call 847-931-5630. 

Waste Management - Garbage & Recycling Services

  • Residential collection service remains Waste Management’s primary focus and there are no major impacts.
  • At-Your-Door special material recycling is still open. Residents can call 800-449 7587 or email WMATYOURDOOR@WM.COM to schedule a pick up.
  • Senior Cart Program: Anyone interested in the program can still apply without coming into City Hall. Email for an application. Complete and return that application in addition to a copy of applicant’s photo ID and copy of your property tax bill showing you are receiving the “Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption” that is given to low income seniors. Simply receiving the "Senior Exemption" does not qualify an applicant for this program.


Kane County Branch Circuit Court has suspended operations at City Hall through the end of February, and court is being conducted virtually. More information can be found on the Sixteenth Judicial District (Kane County) website.


Select parking spaces in Elgin’s downtown have been reserved for curbside food pickup. Our small businesses need your help during this challenging time. Please do not park in spaces reserved for curbside pickup outside our restaurants and retail shops (marked with signs) unless temporarily parking for that specific reason. With state mitigations underway, these businesses are relying on these convenient and efficient designated spots for carry out orders.

Do Business with the City Online, By Phone, or by Mail

How can you pay your water bill?

Pay your water bill online at, over the phone (call 311) or place a check in the drop box outside the entrance to City Hall.

How can I get and pay for a permit? 

Submit permits, submit plans, request inspections or ask any other questions related to the issuance or payment of a permit by emailing This email inbox will be monitored in real time by community development staff during regular business hours. Make sure to provide accurate contact information including your email address and phone number so staff can contact you. Be as descriptive as possible with your request to enhance staff’s ability to respond.

How can you pay your parking ticket or code citation?

Municipal parking tickets and code citations can also be paid online at

How can you file a non-emergency police report?

Instead of having a police officer show up in person, you can report non-emergency police issues over the phone at 847-289-2700 or through the online reporting system. Reports for accidental damage to property, burglary to vehicle, harassing/annoying phone calls, theft, vandalism to vehicle, accidental damage to vehicle, gas stations drive-off, lost/mislaid property and vandalism can be submitted online at

Adjusting Workplace Policies

Updated 1/12/2021

All essential city services - police, fire, public works, water and sewer - continue without interruption. Other city business continues being conducted, to the greatest degree possible, using electronic communications and other means that either do not require a physical presence at City Hall or that provide social distancing to the greatest extent possible.

Non-Essential Inspections 

Consistent with the modifications implemented during the earlier mitigation phases this year, all non-essential inspections are suspended until further notice to limit the public’s and city employee exposure to potentially unsafe situations. Life safety inspections and responses continue during this time, but with extra steps being taken to ensure public safety. While interacting with the public, inspectors will maintain a distance of six feet and wear a mask. During this time the City will not be imposing missed or rescheduled inspection fees. Specific inspection information is outlined below.
Code Compliance
Interior inspections within homes and apartments are suspended except for life safety issues, like unsanitary conditions or unsafe structures. Rental license inspections for the exterior of the property only will continue.

Building Permit and Fire Prevention Inspections
Building permit inspections will be continuing as they often relate to fire suppression, electrical, natural gas or safe construction practices. Screening questions to determine if any persons present are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be asked at the time when inspections are being scheduled. If individuals have been experiencing symptoms, they will be asked to not be present or away from the area during inspections. Staff will wear masks and practice social distancing.

Water Meter Upgrades and Installation
Residential water meter upgrades are suspended and new water meter installations are continuing. As with all continuing inspections, screening questions will be asked and additional safety and distancing steps will be taken when necessary.

Health Department
Routine Health Department inspections are temporarily suspended, but new occupancy inspections and health complaints will continue.

Limiting City Employee Exposure to the Public While Maintaining Essential Services

Operational procedures are being implemented to limit City employee exposure to the public while maintaining essential City services.

First Responders and Inspectors

Emergency communications operators are asking screening questions related to coronavirus when handling specific medical calls. Our first responders are using personal protective equipment to limit their exposure when encountering with the public. 

Police officers, firefighters and all code compliance, building, water and fire safety inspectors are exercising social distancing. These employees will be asking screening questions before arriving at their locations and will be wearing personal protective equipment.