Sidewalk Heroes

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Some are geared up in layers of winter wear and armed

with a trusty shovel or snowblower.

The City of Elgin and School District U-46 are looking for Sidewalk Heroes to brave the cold and take a stand for their neighborhood this winter season. Children getting to and from school, people with disabilities, the elderly, meter readers and mail carriers all need your help to keep the sidewalks clear of snow and ice this winter. Will you step up to the task and be the Sidewalk Hero your neighborhood needs?

Sidewalk Heroes Requirements graphic

If you are willing and able to help, then jump into action by clearing sidewalks, especially around known bus stops and in front of elderly neighbors’ homes. Do you want to help but are not sure who might need assistance? Contact Senior Services Associates of Elgin at 847-741-0404 and they will help connect you!

And if you’re not able to help but want to help promote the campaign, then consider placing a yard sign on your property near the sidewalk, just not in the right-of-way. We’ll even deliver it to you; just call 311! The more awareness the Sidewalk Heroes campaign receives, the more likely Elgin is to build neighborhood pride and recruit more Sidewalk Heroes

And our Sidewalk Heroes can win rewards for their good deeds, too! Simply share photos or videos of your works on social media with the hashtag #SidewalkHeroes for a chance to win prizes, like stickers and long-sleeved T-shirts! (Make sure your post privacy setting is set to "public" so the City of Elgin and School District U-46 can find and share your photos.)

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