EPD Transparency

Transparency buttonFor transparency information for the City of Elgin, click here.

Elgin Police Department Transparency Dashboards, click here

Addressing Misinformation

icons whispering with words Addressing MisinformationIf you’ve heard or read about something involving the City of Elgin, this webpage may help you in determining whether that information is accurate.

Community Advisory Board Information

CAB-LOGO Contact information for the Community Advisory Boards, click here.

Crime Statistics and Annual Report

crimereports.comAnnual statistical reports and daily crime information are available on our website; click here to view.

Other Information

Community Conversations - common themes in prior Community Conversations, click here

EPD Employee Complaint Process - information about filing an employee complaint, click here

Officer Involved Shooting - 2018 Officer Involved Shooting, including Illinois State Police Report, Hillard-Heintz Report and Appendices, Dash Cam Videos, Body Cam Videos and Factual Narrative Video, click here

Policies and Procedures - for EPD Standard Operating Policies and Procedures, click here

Presentations - information presented to the Elgin City Council, click here

Response to Resistance - Use of Force - analytical reports, click here

NAACP/Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police/Elgin Police - Shared Principles - click here