Public Art

Public Art Programs

In 2017, the Elgin City Council approved the Public Art Plan for the city of Elgin.  Since then, the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission has implemented several of the programs listed in the plan. 

New Works Program

The New Works Program focuses on creating two new pieces of public art each year.  The Call for Art is open to artists of all levels, worldwide.  Selected works will be awarded an honorarium with the work being installed in the fall. The 2022 Call for Art is currently closed. To view images of the 2022 public art locations, click here

Spontaneous Art Wall

The Spontaneous Art Wall will be maintained by the ECAC and city staff for spontaneous art.  This wall serves as a place of inspiration for local artists while also improving an existing location’s aesthetics.  No need to be a professional artist with training, simply show up and get your art on! This program will launch soon.  Check back for updates on this program. 

Utility Box Wrapping Program 

Working with the city of Elgin’s maintenance department and utility companies, utility works boxes will be heat wrapped with local artists’ artwork.  Not only does this program deter graffiti, it also encourages community building and placemaking while promoting original artwork by local artists. See the Utility Box Wrapping page for more information.

Retired Works Program

The Retired Works Programs are designed for pieces of public art that have been retired from public view. There are three options available: donate, loan, or return. To view more information or to apply for the Retired Works Program, complete the application and submit it along with any additional documentation to Cultural Arts Manager, Amanda Harris on the first Monday of the month.

Paint-the-Plows Program

In conjunction with the City’s Public Works Department, the ECAC participates in Public Works Day in May by allowing area high schools to come in and paint a snow plow blade during the event. The plow blade is then used during the year and can be requested for display for special events. 

Public Art Tour

The interactive map below shows each piece of public art in a walkable area of Downtown Elgin. This printer-friendly version of the map can be printed at home. 

Elgin Public Art Plan
Public Art Sponsorship Brochure-Screenshot
  1. Amanda Harris

    Cultural Arts Manager
    Phone: 847-931-6019

Elgin public art map- page 1. text about the public art programs in Elgin
Elgin public art map- page 2. Map of all public art in Elgin