Emergency Medical Services


The Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) within the city. Six Advance Life Support (ALS) ambulances*, five Advanced Life Support (ALS) engines, and two Advanced Life Support (ALS) quints are fully staffed to provide the variety of services required. ( * Ambulance 6 is manned only when staffing is above the daily minimum.)

Ambulance companies also engage in fire suppression and inspection activities. Ambulances are staffed with highly trained Illinois licensed Paramedics. The Fire Department is associated with the Greater Elgin Area Mobile Intensive Care organization through Advocate Sherman Hospital.

Ambulance Billing

Billing questions should be referred to Andres Medical Billing, Ltd. at 800-244-2345.

File Of LifeFle Of Life

Complete and accurate medical history information is critical during emergency medical situations.

The File of Life enables Paramedics to obtain necessary medical history when the patient is not able to do so. The File form contains the patient’s name, emergency contacts, medical history, and prescription medication details. This vital information is crucial to pre-hospital treatment and care, forms should be updated routinely to ensure accuracy.

The File is kept in a red magnetic sleeve and intended to be kept on the refrigerator/freezer door. Emergency crews are trained to look for the easily identifiable pouch and are available at no cost at Elgin Fire Stations.

A fillable form is available at the following link: File Of Life Form