Engineering Permits


Property owners and/or contractors are required to obtain permits from the City of Elgin Engineering Division of the Public Works Department prior to the initiation of any work within the city’s public right-of-way or on city owned and maintained infrastructure.

An application may be made with the Engineering Division by completing the Engineering Permit Application/Checklist and submitting it to the Permit Control Officer at the Community Development Counter of City Hall. Please note that permits may require a pre-construction inspection and therefore may not be issued the same day of application.  Additionally, SURETY (i.e. bond, letter of credit or cash) will be required for any work to be done within the right-of-way or involving City owned and maintained infrastructure.

Engineering Permits

Work covered under an Engineering Permit includes:

Sidewalk, Curb, and Gutter

A permit is required any time sidewalk, curb or gutter is repaired, replaced or newly constructed.

Driveway Approach

A permit is required any time a drive approach is repaired, replaced or newly constructed. The approach is considered the portion of your driveway that is in the public right-of-way, usually between the street and property line.

Street Cut A permit is required any time pavement within public right-of-way has to be removed and replaced. This permit is also used in conjunction with a Utility Service Repair Permit.

Utility Service Repair A permit is required any time a sewer or water pipe has to be repaired within public right- of- way. This permit is also used in conjunction with a street cut-repair permit.

Temporary Encroachment of Public Right-Of-Way 

A permit is required any time a private entity, owner or contractor, needs to temporarily block or utilize the City of Elgin public right-of-way while performing an activity not covered under another Elgin Public Works Department permit.

Each encroachment will be considered on a case by case basis as well as the length of time the permit will be good for.

Please note that permits are not granted for the placement of objects such as signs, sprinklers, fences, basketball hoops, or boulders in, on, under or over a public street, parkway or sidewalk, as such obstructions are prohibited by City Ordinance.

Permits to temporarily place dumpsters in the public right of way for construction purposes are considered on a case by case basis only if a suitable location on private property is not available.

Overweight / Over Dimension Permit

The City of Elgin is now using an online-based permitting system. Please visit this link for reference.

General Information

Permits issued by the City of Elgin do not cover work that is done within State, County or railroad right of way. If you are planning to do work in a railroad, state, Kane County or Cook County right of way, please contact the appropriate agency to obtain their specific requirements. In the event that a traffic lane must be closed to accomplish work in the public right-of-way, you must follow the traffic control guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Can’t find the permit you are looking for?

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