2012 Elgin Short Film Festival

30 films from across the country were submitted to the festival. The 2012 festival drew the biggest crowd ever with nearly 700 people in attendance. Event host, comedian Mike Toomey, received rave reviews. The winners are:

FIRST PLACE: Wednesday's Child
Director:  Rocco Cataldo
Producer: May Kay Cook
Cinematographer: Mike Kwielford

Synopsis: Meet nine-year old Kelly Marble. She never REALLY meant to kill her parents.
Kelly Marble discovers her entire existence has been a series of experiments for books written by her parents. After this shocking revelation, she hatches a plan to force them into admitting the truth, but life takes an unexpected turn.

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Wednesday's Child

SECOND PLACE:  Tattoo Underground
Director: Barry Kimm
Producers: Amy Thompson and Barry Kimm
Director of Photography: Jeff Stonehouse

Synopsis: Tattoo Underground explores the emotional connections between three real people and their tattoos. The film proposes the provocative possibility of tattoos coming to life.

Tattoo Underground

THIRD PLACE:  Your Milkman
Director: Daniel Skubal
Producer: Chris Voelz
Cinemotographer: Chris Gearhart

Synopsis: In the summer of 1953, a playboy milkman runs into an ignored, and unloved housewife from his route and attempts to coerce her into an affair to escape her problems.
After several awkward attempts to make conversation, she invites him over to her booth for pie. Their conversation quickly excels past small talk once it's revealed that Mr. Walker has been unfaithful. Despite the milkman’s attempts at flirting, Mrs. Walker denies his passes. The milkman continues to pry about her problems and convinces Peggy to admit her unhappiness. The two quickly hatch a plan to get even with Mr. Walker by having an affair. As the milkman leaves to pay the bill, Peggy is left with her thoughts of the situation. What transpires from there puts their plans and her marriage in jeopardy.

Your Milkman

FINALIST:  Memoirs of a Parapsychologist
Written and Directed by: Andrew Papke
Producer: Alex Levine
Director of Photography: Camrin Petramale

Synopsis: How do you know if a perception is real or imagined? Does sanity rest upon such a fine distinction?
On a bet a young gifted physics student spends a week in a haunted farmhouse thinking it will be easy tuition money; but when the farmhouse awakens the demons of his tortured childhood, the line between reality and the paranormal becomes blurred and he must navigate the treacherous limbo between sanity and madness in this psychological thriller that explores the relationship between faith and science.


FINALIST: Toolshed
Written and Directed by: Andrew Papke
Assistant Directors: J. Paul Pressault and Mia Eve Posner
Director of Photography: Jamieson Mulholland

Synopsis: In this heartfelt semi-autobiographical story,  Morgan, 9, idolizes his eccentric father.
So when his father asks him to help out in the shop one morning, he eagerly accepts. But the dangers of working in a tool shop require Morgan to put aside his childish ways and confront his fears in order to be of real help. After an accident with a very scary table saw, father is injured, and Morgan begins to understand the frailty and mystery of human mortality.


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