Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

We love our special events volunteers! Below is a list of some of our biggest volunteering opportunities. If you would like to sign up for any of these roles, complete our Special Events Volunteer Application and we will follow up with you.

Elgin Fringe Festival
The Elgin Fringe Festival returns this year, bringing artistry from all over the United States right into our Downtown. Taking place over a period of two weeks, audiences are welcomed to downtown venues to see theatre, comedy, drama, music, and the undefined. With 100% of ticket sales going back to the artists and no shows over 60 minutes, you can truly support the arts by volunteering with the Elgin Fringe Festival. 

Nightmare on Chicago Street
Nightmare on Chicago Street is the City’s apocalyptic Halloween Street Festival and it comes along with some amazing volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can sign up to be part of a zombie flash mob, to work in biohazard tents, to build movie set style props, or even just to put up a few tents for us!

Summer Internships

Our special events season peaks during May-October and we are able to offer unpaid internship opportunities during that time. Interns can get involved in a wide variety of tasks depending on their interests and experience, but duties may include graphic design, marketing, customer service, working with sponsors and helping to manage volunteers. To schedule an internship interview please email your resume.

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