Seating Charts

Main Floor Seating

The Main Floor is comprised of 2-3 sections depending upon the event. There are 19 rows, plus 3 additional rows if the Golden Circle is being utilized. The majority of the Main Floor consists of rows that range in length between 32-54 seats and they run end to end with no break in seating; we do not have a center aisle. The seating is continental, which means the seats are on a 5% grade; not stadium seating.

Golden Circle

Closest to the stage. Seating is set in the ochestra pit area where the floor has been raised for premier and close viewing.

No Golden Circle: If the Golden Circle is not being used, the stage will extend to the semicircular line on the seating chart between the Premium section and the Golden Circle section.


The first eight rows on the Main Floor.


The remaining eleven rows on the Main Floor.

Balcony Seating

Balcony is broken down into 3 sections; Left, Middle and Right and has 7 rows and 2 aisles. The seating is stadium seating.