Scammers can easily buy minutes from websites that enable subscribers to disguise their phone numbers. We really want to stress how easy this is for anyone to do! The scammers will call a phone number, enter the number they want it to appear as though the call is coming from, and they can choose a male or female voice. You can’t always trust your caller ID - but even so - if you are paying for caller ID each month - use it!

If you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer it. Let it go to your answering machine. If it truly is important, they will leave a message. Most of the time, they will hang up.

Don’t trust the caller or your caller ID if the company is asking for any kind of personal information whatsoever. If it is your bank or credit card company asking you to verify your account numbers or anyone calling asking to confirm your social security number, that is a BIG RED FLAG. They should already know it! Hang up and YOU look up the number of our bank and call the company to confirm and verify if there is a problem with your account(s).