Traffic & Electrical


The Sign Shop is responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of all city traffic, street name, and directional signage. The division is also involved in replacing old or faded signs within defined neighborhoods. Signs within an area are evaluated against current standards for retro-reflectivity, size, and placement. Signs are also evaluated with regard to standards outlined in the federal Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Crews work to eliminate redundant or unnecessary signs to minimize sign pollution. A computerized cutter aids in the creation of simple signs to maximize efficiency.

To report a damaged sign please call 311 (or 847-931-6001).

Concerns over the appropriateness of a particular sign or a situation that relates to installing a new sign should be submitted to the Elgin Police Department's traffic unit by calling 311 (or 847-931-6001) or the Elgin Police Department's non-emergency line at 847-289-2700.


The Electrical Division maintains the city’s street and historical lighting. The lighting system is comprised of approximately 6500 street lights including roadway, parking lot, and pedestrian lights. The division attempts to make an initial evaluation of a reported outage within five days. Simple repairs can often be completed on the initial visit. Requests to locate street light electrical lines received through the JULIE system are also completed by this department. Inoperative street lights can be reported by calling 311 (or 847-931-6001).

ComEd is responsible for the maintenance of street lights mounted to wooden poles. Calls for service to these lights can be reported by calling ComEd at (800) 334-7661. You may also file an online request, find more information.

ComEd Outage Alerts Available

ComEd has a notification system in place that allows customers to subscribe to power outage alerts via mobile phones. Further information is available.