Preparing for a Tornado

The best method for minimizing injury or damage is to prepare your family as there will be little time to move to protected areas. By implementing the following, you may increase the safety of your family.

  • Purchase a national oceanic & atmospheric administration weather radio (NOAA), with a battery back-up. The radio will alert you when a tornado watch or warning has been issued.
  • Determine places to seek shelter such as a basement or storm cellar. If underground shelter is not available, identify an interior room, hallway or closet on the lowest floor.
    • If you live in a mobile home, determine a safe place outside of the home to take shelter. Mobile homes are very prone to damage.
  • Practice going to the predetermined areas. Familiarize yourself with the shelter locations of places you frequent.
  • Keep the yard and windowsills free of loose articles which can become airborne during a tornado.
  • Maintain the identified disaster kits described on this website.
  • Keep your vehicle fueled in case you need to evacuate.