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NOTICE: City Council Meeting Changes

The City of Elgin's special committee of the whole meetings and regularly scheduled city council meetings will occur virtually, until further notice.

City council members will participate in meetings through teleconferencing or videoconferencing software, and meeting video will be available for public viewing both live and after the meetings on the City of Elgin Facebook page and here on the City website's Video Center.

Public Comment

With the transition to remote attendance at city council meetings, there are now two ways to provide public comment.

Occupancy in the city council chambers is limited. A person who has signed to speak will be able to do so, but may be required to view the proceedings from the City Hall lobby’s overflow seating area while waiting for his or her turn to comment.

After commenting, speakers may be requested to return to overflow seating area so the next speaker can address the city council.

Persons not present but wishing to provide comment can send an email to the city clerk by 4:00 p.m. on the day of each city council meeting. 

You may also submit written comments to the drop box in the roundabout outside the entrance to City Hall. 

All written comments will be distributed to every city council member before the meeting. 

The comments will also be posted for all to view on the City’s website at

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