Risk Management

Risk Management is the process of identifying, analyzing and treating loss exposures to protect the financial well-being of the City of Elgin. A loss exposure is the possibility of a financial loss such as a fire that damages a city owned building, an automobile accident involving property damage or bodily injury, or an employee who is injured during the course of employment.

Insurance and Certificates of Insurance

The City procures property, liability, automobile, workers’ compensation and crime insurance and the policy period begins on October 1 and ends September 30th. Certificates of insurance are evidence that insurance is in force and they can be prepared upon request.

Claims Procedures

Property Damage

Notify Risk Management, provide the police report number or a memo describing how the damage occurred and an estimate of the repair cost.

Automobile Accident

Employee and Supervisor should:

  • Complete the Automobile Accident Report
  • Make a police report if bodily injury or another party was involved.
  • Coordinate vehicle repairs with the Fleet Department

Workers’ Compensation

Employee and Supervisor should complete the following forms:


A surety bond is a promise to pay one party an agreed amount if the second party fails to meet an obligation. Public official bonds guarantee the honesty and faithful performance of people who are elected or appointed to positions of public trust. Bonds are issued by the City’s insurance broker.

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