Property Evidence

At any given time, the department’s property evidence room safeguards approximately 60,000 pieces of property/evidence. Items are submitted to the property evidence room 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The property evidence room is secured, with limited access. Authorized staff members are responsible for security, control, and inventory of these items through a computerized database.

Acquired property/evidence remains safeguarded until its respective court provides a case disposition. At this time, the courts will order the police department to return the evidence to the proper owner or destroy the property. Notification will be made, if possible. Unclaimed property will either be destroyed or sent to an on-line auction.

As a service to our community, lost and found items are also documented and efforts are made to notify the owner.

Property Disposal

In order for our property room to efficiently maintain items and in an effort to bring additional revenue to the city, evidence or found property that is legally permitted to be disposed of is auctioned through the Property Room website.