Court and adjudication information

Administrative Adjudication gives citizens the opportunity to contest city ordinance violations. These proceedings are civil in nature rather than criminal and cases are heard by a certified hearing officer instead of a judge. Administrative Adjudication provides police officers, code enforcement officers and other city workers, the ability to issue citations for minor city ordinance violations without criminally charging a person.

Administrative Adjudication is responsible for prosecuting parking violations, administrative tows, animal citations and various other city ordinance violations. The hearings are held on the first and third Friday morning of each month, at 9:00 a.m. on the second floor of the Elgin City Hall building, located at 150 Dexter Court.

Kane County Circuit Court

There is no affiliation between the city of Elgin or its city clerk’s office with the Kane County circuit court or the circuit clerk’s office. If you need to contact the county court clerk regarding any aspect of a ticket or a court case, please call the circuit clerk’s office at 630-232-3413.