Program Cost

2023 Rates

Residents receive a monthly bill for trash collection included as part of their water bill.

  • Residential household cost - $19.93 per household per month *includes At Your Door service.
  • Condo / Townhome cost - $14.89 per household per month *includes At Your Door service.
  • Disposal sticker cost - Each disposal sticker costs $3.36. Each appliance sticker costs $37.16.

Senior Cart Program

Eligibility Required

Seniors that qualify for Kane County or Cook County “Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemptions” are eligible for a 35-gallon garbage cart at a reduced monthly rate (10% discount monthly). 

Seniors may register for this service in person at the City Hall Cashier’s Desk, located at 150 Dexter Court, or by emailing application to and must provide proof of eligibility. 

Eligible seniors live in a single-family, owner occupied home, are 65+ years old and have an annual income below $65,000.

Proof of Eligibility:

  • Qualified tax bill from respective county showing you are currently receiving the Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption
  • Government issued identification card with proof of residency

Once approved, the reduced rate will be on the following month’s water bill and Waste Management will deliver a 35-gallon cart with a black lid on your regular collection day. 

*No changes will be made to qualified seniors’ recycling carts or services.

*This program differs from the regular 35-gallon cart option, as it does NOT allow participants to place out an extra waste item each week.