Floor Area Calculation


When calculating floor area for the City of Elgin General Business License:

  • Please include in your calculations:
    • Floor space used for mechanical equipment, whether open or enclosed, including such equipment as may be located on the roof, penthouse, attic space, balconies, mezzanines, porches and verandas and floor area devoted to and occupied by accessory uses.
    • Principal and accessory floor area, cellars and basements, storage or detached accessory buildings, even though any such floor area may be temporarily vacant or not in use.
  • Please do not include:
    • Common areas in multi-occupant buildings not used, reserved or retained for the exclusive use of a business establishments including, but not limited to, lobbies, elevators, and hallways.

For Questions

For any questions regarding the business license or the process outlined above, please contact the City of Elgin Customer Service Department, (847) 931-5635 or email us.