Sewer Maintenance & Drainage


The Elgin Public Services Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city’s storm, sanitary, and combined sewer systems. The city’s goal is to proactively maintain the sewer system in a manner that ensures safe and reliable operation, while minimizing expensive and potentially hazardous sewer back-ups.

As part of the city’s regular maintenance activities, sewer lines are routinely televised to identify problem areas. Storm inlets are periodically vacuumed to prevent flooding and blockages in the storm sewer.

Sewer Maintenance Facts and Information

The Elgin Public Services Department maintains more than 380 miles of sanitary sewer, 196 miles of storm sewer, 6,474 catch basins, 9,122 sanitary manholes, 3,713 storm manholes, and six lift (pumping) stations. The sanitary sewer system transports millions of gallons of waste water each day to the Fox River Water Reclamation District (FRWRD) for treatment.

Stormwater runoff from detention ponds, culverts and storm sewer inlets travels through the City’s Stormwater Sewer System into Poplar Creek, Tyler Creek, Otter Creek, and ultimately into the Fox River.