Damages to Mailboxes

Occasionally, a mailbox and/or mail post is damaged during a snow clearing operation. Mailboxes must be constructed to withstand the force of snow coming off the plow or from snow being pushed against them.

  • Please be aware that all mailboxes must be placed six inches back from the curb. Mailboxes closer than six-inches and damaged during plowing operations will not be considered for repair or reimbursement

Report Damage

Residents may call 311 to report the damage or confirm that the damage has already been noted. When the city is notified of mailbox damage, a report will be created and the mailbox will be inspected.

If damage was determined to be caused by a city snowplow hitting the mailbox the next steps are taken:

  • If needed, a temporary mailbox is provided and the resident’s mailbox is brought back to the Public Works facility to be repaired. If damage is beyond repair, a standard mailbox and/or post will be installed by city crews.