Premise Alert Program

The Illinois Premise Alert Program was incorporated into state law in 2009, when legislators formally recognized the need to ensure a high level of public safety service is available to all members of the state, including citizens requiring special accommodations. This program offers guidance and direction to public safety workers who respond to, and assist with, those citizens with special needs or disabilities.

Individuals with conditions related to the following would be eligible to participate in this program:

  • Medical
  • Mental health
  • Physical limitations
  • Hearing impaired

Information pertaining to where participants live, work and attend school are collected, giving responders a valuable resource when they respond to an emergency situation involving a community member with special needs.

How does this program help us serve you?

A database that is accessible to the Emergency Communications Center (9-1-1) stores information that is relayed to public safety personnel who respond to a call for service involving a program participant. The information gives emergency responders the ability to immediately deal with the identified special needs.

How can my family participate in this program?

To participate in this program, complete the Illinois Premise Alert Program Enrollment Form or go to the EPD mobile application under "Special Needs Registration" to submit the information. Completed forms may be submitted electronically, returned by fax (847) 289-2799, mail, drop-off, or e-mail to the contact information provided to the right. A copy of the form may also be obtained at the Elgin Police Department information desk.